Creative Resistance to Cultural Displacement

12509884_1559746217673771_8119133924916465182_n.jpgSan Francisco is in crisis. Our beautiful city is being pilfered and plundered by greedy robber barons. Join us for ten days of decentralized autonomous action from February 5th to 14th as we celebrate our San Francisco Values: Diversity, Inclusiveness, Vibrance, and Equitability.

If you would like to organize an action as part of SOS San Francisco, you can create an event on our page and we will help publicize it. Or, if the element of surprise is crucial, you are more than encouraged to engage in your own autonomous actions. You can also contact us directly or join us at one of our meetings to quietly gather support. 

Together we will stop the evictions, build housing that is affordable and secure homes for the homeless. Join us as we defend arts & culture, work to end police brutality, and protect our vulnerable communities. We must plan for people and invest in the working class.

Eviction Free San Francisco, Cultural Action Network, Our Mission No Eviction, Plaza 16, Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project Pacific Felt Factory, Cultural Space Coalition, Artists’ Television Access, Save the Palace of Fine Arts, Redstone Labor Temple Association.

More events coming soon!